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Our Mission statement:

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour who died on the cross but was raised to life again. By faith in him, we can achieve peace of mind in this life and eternal life in his kingdom. We try to live our lives in accordance with the principles that he demonstrated during his ministry on earth.

Our mission is to bring this message of hope to all who will listen.

Our Faith

'Your Bible' is the website of Christadelphians in Estonia. The Christadelphians are a World-Wide Community of Bible students whose fellowship is based on a common understanding of the Scriptures. Our beliefs are as follows……

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“God Willing”
Your invitation to Bible Study

We are planning to hold Bible studies and discussions at Tallinn & Tartu on 4th and 5th June, God willing. You are warmly invited and we look forward to seeing you and any of your friends or relatives who would like to comewith you.
Please remember to bring a Bible.

Chris & Margarent Howard, Danny & Bev Golding


TALLINN - At Hotel Shnelli, Toompuiestee 37  (Conference Room)
Saturday 4 June  10:00 – 15:00
Bible Study: Women in the New Testament
1 – Mary & Elizabeth
2 – Mary & Martha
3 – Lydia
4 – Priscilla & Aquila
Lunch will be provided
Translation into Estonian & Russian– Ede Mets & Gennadi Astapov

TARTU - At Hotel Tartu, Soola tn. 3  (In Small Conference Room)
Sunday 5 June  10:30 -14:30
Please meet in cafe for lift to 5th floor
Bible Study: Women in the New Testament
1 – Mary & Elizabeth
2 – Mary & Martha
3 – Lydia
Breaking of Bread
Lunch will be provided
Translation into Estonian Ede Mets

Translation into Estonian Ede Mets

If you would like to know more about a Bible Study course by e-mail or receive invitations to Bible Study meetings please send us your details and your message.  See also Contact & Links


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